A whole new season is approaching and it points to the beauty of casual dressing and a timeless state of mind.
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It’s Friday! Time to step out of the fluorescent light filtering through your office and into the world for two blissful days of Outlook-free existence. As dreamy a notion as that sounds, reality hits the moment you realize you’ve left your hat and sunglasses behind—two good reasons to consider upping your accessories game. Instead of treating them as afterthoughts, why not consider this pairing a central element of outfits? Fear not, you can indeed protect your skin from the sun while still elevating your summer style. The ultimate function-meets-fashion pairing is the warm-weather answer to
As of Monday, the artist formerly known as VH1 Classic is getting a whole new look: It will be reborn as MTV Classic, a channel devoted to the 24-hour-a-day airing of the aesthetic comfort food of millennials. To name a few of the shows that will be getting the rerun treatment: Daria, Beavis & Butt-head, Aeon Flux, Cribs, MTV Unplugged, Real World, and Laguna Beach. And while it may read like I’m just copy-pasting a BuzzFeed listicle, given the world’s newfound nostalgia for all things ’90s, there’s never been a better time to plumb the character design of shows like Daria for fashion fod
It’s the most wonderful day of the year! Today is #NationalLipstickDay and we’re celebrating by bringing you the best of the best when it comes to our favourite lipstick shades, tips, tricks and trends. Twenty-plus years later and I can still recall them by name: “Toast of New York” and “Hint of Bronze.” The brown... Read more »
It’s summer sale time, so we’re sure your credit card has already been getting quite a workout, but allow us to lead you into just one more online shopping adventure. And this time, all the guesswork and endless browsing is done for you! We’ve shown you what lipstick colours you should wear based on your... Read more »
Of course a pantsuit was the perfect choice for Hillary Clinton's Democratic National Convention speech. A tailored, three-piece set is a look she's come to own over the years - and in just about every color of the rainbow. But in a milky white shade, the presidential candidate hit the reset button and, more importantly, paid homage to the uniforms of the woman's suffragist movement, as The New York Times pointed out. While Business of Fashion has learned that Hillary's been consulting with none other than fashion heavyweight Anna Wintour on her wardrobe choices, communications director Krist